Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Reviewed, Corporate Outing Near Delhi NCR at Camp WildHawk

The tranquility and serene environment of Camp WildHawk will take you back in time and allow you to experience the simplicity and peaceful existence of simple village life. The magnificent flowers, acres of landscaped garden, the soothing sound of birds, the delicate aroma of herbs, and the taste of our organic food will treat your senses and our staff will ensure that your stay with us is indeed a memorable, one that you will cherish for times to come.

It's time to head for a quick break away from the constraints of an office and the fast pace of life at work. A perfect setting for corporate training and team-building interventions.

Forget about using laptops and projectors and try using blackboards and charts under the cool shade of a tree. Enjoy the night alongside a bonfire with a fine barbeque and a harmless Hookah.

The perfect place for

  • Weekend Getaways from Delhi
  • Corporate Outings near Delhi and Gurgaon 
  • Team Outing 
  • Corporate Training 
  • Day Picnics 
  • Theme Party
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Sunday, 30 May 2021

Learn Reiki, What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

Reiki is the "energy of love and healing of the universe" that leads to harmony and evolution of everything that exists in the universe, including us humans. 

Known as "Usui therapy" Usui jar man said in the founder, it is now spreading all over the world changed dramatically from as "Reiki". 

Reiki is free energy that lives in space. For example, just as oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen exist in the air, various energies are mixed in the universe. One of the free energies is called "Reiki".

"Reiki" stands for Reiki energy and Reiki methods. It is a healing technique and self-growth technique that is said to have the most practitioners and high profile in the world.

"Reiki Healing" represents Reiki's methods and practices.

What is Reiki Healing? (Healing of mind, body, and spirit).

Overseas, insurance is applied to Reiki, it is applied in the medical field, the energy is recognized, and celebrities and celebrities have adopted the method, so it is widely used and developed all over the world.

What are the characteristics of Reiki?

  • Reiki is a simple healing method that anyone can easily learn.
  • Anyone can do it if they receive an attunement (attunement)
  • Once you receive an attunement, you can use it for the rest of your life
  • No need to work hard or concentrate during healing
  • Safe and secure with no side effects
  • Can be used with other methods (acupuncture, manipulative treatment, aroma, etc.)

However, not everyone can do the same. It means "anyone can do it at their own level".

What is Reiki Healing?

Healing is done by passing Reiki energy to the recipient, and receiving Reiki energy enhances and harmonizes life energy. As a result, it is said that the dissonance of the body is resolved and it becomes healthy.

It is also said that Reiki removes unnecessary energy or converts energy.

Major changes due to Reiki healing

  • Full of energy and energized
  • It gets warm
  • Feeling brighter
  • Increases natural healing power
  • Pain relieves
  • Balance the mind and body
  • Get holistic healing
  • Get deep relaxation
  • The space becomes clean
  • The taste of food improves

What is Reiki Attunement?

Attunement (attunement) is "teaching by energy". Reiki's information and waves are transmitted and transcribed with energy. At Reiki, we attune the "Reiki symbol". The reason for using symbols is that Reiki symbols represent Reiki and do not require any explanation or concept.

When you receive an attunement, the symbol will be assimilated (synchronized) with the recipient and you will be able to use the energy (Reiki) of the symbol. It is also called opening an energy circuit.

What is a symbol mantra?

Reiki's wave (energy) is represented by four symbols (shape wave) and mantra (sound wave). By expressing Reiki energy with "symbols", it is now possible to use Reiki energy in neutral. It seems that the symbol is not open to the public.

Generally, if you receive an attunement in the first degree, you will be able to use Reiki, so it seems that the transfer of symbols is a second-degree transition.

To receive attunement

Reiki is currently divided into four degrees.

The First Degree (Physical Healing), Attunement is given four attunements (Teaching Energy Transfer ) in the First Degree to learn about twelve basic hand positions.

Learn 3 Second Degree (Mental / Emotional Healing / Remote Healing / Power Up) symbols and be given a mantra unique to those symbols.

Third Degree (Higher Self / Encounter with Super Consciousness)

Teacher's Degree, It seems that some teachers have a 21-day period after the first degree, a period after the second degree, and a period for each degree.

Attunements will be taught by Reiki teachers. You can also join our reiki classes in rishikesh to get attuned. After completing the first degree, it seems that workers in chiropractic and qigong are using Reiki immediately.

One of the characteristics of Reiki that does not require training or training is that you can play an active role as a Reiki healer immediately after receiving an attunement. Teachers can be reviewed, introduced, or searched for by themselves. 

It's a good idea to contact yourself directly to find out what kind of compatibility it is. If you feel uncomfortable, you want to be flexible and have a margin, such as looking for another teacher.

Before you start it is important for you to know the real history of reiki.

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Fresh Incident of Cloudburst in Devprayag, Uttarakhand

A cloudburst hit Devprayag in the Tehri district of Uttarakhand on Tuesday, razing two municipal buildings to the ground and damaging several shops.

It also damaged pedestrian bridges, water pipelines, and electricity supply lines, an official said.

The cloudburst occurred over the Shanta river, causing inundation of areas along its banks with a huge amount of slush-containing boulders, SHO of the Devprayag police station Mahipal Singh Rawat said.

Two municipality buildings, including the multi-purpose Nagar Palika Bhawan, caved in after being hit by the rubble brought down by the cloudburst, he added.

A number of shops in the Dashrath Danda Parvat area of Devprayag were also damaged, the SHO said.

However, there was no loss of life as people were alert and had moved to safe locations like the bus stand and police station premises, he said.

Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Pre wedding shoot wants to be done in less money, these places are the best in a few hours away from Delhi

It is said that pairs are fixed in heaven, but they are made beautiful only on earth. There have been many changes in the function of marriage in the last few years. Now the trend of people from theme wedding to destination wedding has increased a lot. At the same time, doing pre wedding photoshoot has become like compulsory. If you too are planning a pre wedding and are confused about where to shoot, then we reduce your tension slightly.

The monsoon time is perfect for a photoshoot. The places that we are going to tell you about become even more beautiful in this season. Natural rains here after rain will completes your album. Let's know about some places where you can get a good photoshoot cheaply.

  • The Taj Mahal of Agra is one of the seven wonders of the world. What would be a better place for a photoshoot. The Taj Mahal is the best option for capturing your beloved moments, which is called a token of love. Apart from Taj Mahal, you can do photoshoots in other places of Agra as well.
  • Udaipur city of lakes is one of the perfect destination for pre wedding photoshoot. There is everything from lake to palace, fort, mountain. According to the photoshoot, there are many historical sites here. These monsoon places look even more beautiful.
  • Orchha of Madhya Pradesh. There are many sites along the banks of river Baitarani or Betvi where you can have a great photoshoot. If you want to do a photoshoot in a quiet and beautiful place on a low budget, then go to Orchha. There is also a bus service from Delhi, Gwalior and Varanasi to reach here. Khajuraho is the nearest air port to Orchha. This airport is connected to flights from major cities of the country including Delhi. Jhansi is the nearest railway headquarters of Orchha.
  • Jaipur is also a good option in terms of photoshoot. Here too you will get more than one location. Here you can have photoshoots at Jal Mahal, Mansagar Lake, Amer Fort and Kanak Vrindavan.
  • Goa, Mostly everyone likes to click photos on the beach. Here you can capture good pictures by going to the best sunrise and sunset points. When it comes to Goa, everyone comes to mind, but apart from this there are also churches and many forts where you can do a photoshoot. Vagator Beach, Kolomb Beach, Dudhsagar Falls, Chapora Fort and Cathedral Church are the best locations for photoshoots.

Monday, 10 May 2021

Australia to resume repatriation flights with India from May 15

Cabinet's National Security Committee has signed off on a plan to begin repatriating Australians stranded in India once the temporary ban is lifted next week.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is expected to announce the details on Friday, in what will come as a relief to the estimated 9,000 Australians stuck in the COVID-ravaged country.

It is understood the first repatriation flight will leave Australia for India almost as soon as the ban is lifted on May 15 and will have the capacity to bring home around 200 passengers.

All Australians returning from India will quarantine outside Darwin at the Howard Springs facility, which is expected to be nearly empty by next Saturday.

Around 900 Australians who have been listed as "vulnerable" by the Department of Foreign Affairs will be given priority. But they will need to return two negative COVID-19 tests before they are allowed to fly.

Before the government imposed the travel ban, it had been chartering two flights to India each week to bring Australians home. The new agencies has been told there would be a maximum of one repatriation flight per week once travel resumes.

It is unclear whether commercial flights will also be able to restart, with one government source saying it would be a slow and steady process.

The government has come under sustained pressure for not only banning anyone in India from flying to Australia but making it a criminal offence to do so, punishable by hefty fines and imprisonment.

Earlier on Thursday, Immigration Minister Alex Hawke warned the repatriation process was "very complex" and would "take some time".

"This second wave is very bad, the logistics in India are very difficult, people are living in remote towns and villages and to get them safely to an airport is a very difficult undertaking," he said.

"These are the real, practical consequences. There are thousands of people, many dying on the streets in India. So it's going to be very complex."

Sunday, 9 May 2021

After Covid carnage, Britain to reopen travel to limited countries

 Britain will allow international travel to resume from May 17 after months of banning most trips abroad, but nearly all major destinations were left off its list of countries open for quarantine-free holidays.

Just 12 countries and territories made the so-called "green list". They include Portugal, Israel, New Zealand, Australia and the tiny Faroe Islands.

The top four destinations - Spain, France, Italy and the United States - were among those left off, angering stricken airlines and holiday companies battling for survival. Those four sit in the amber category, requiring self-isolation for those returning to the UK.

Turkey, another big holiday destination, was added to a red list. Thatrequires travellers to spend 10 days in managed hotel quarantineon their return, which they must pay for themselves.

While a legal ban on all non-essential international travel will be lifted for the first time since January, the government said people should still avoid travelling to countries on the amber or red lists for leisure.

"Today marks the first step in our cautious return to international travel, with measures designed above all else to protect public health and ensure we don’t throw away the hard-fought gains we’ve all strived to earn this year," transport minister Grant Shapps said.

Airlines, holiday companies and tourist hotspots in southern Europe have been waiting for big-spending Britons to start travelling again, but they will have to wait a few months longer for a full rebound to take off.

With Portugal as the first major Mediterranean holiday destination to make the green list, Thomas Cook and Club Med said bookings there were already up 250% on last Friday. TUI said it had added more flights to Portugal.

The list will be reviewed every three weeks. It applies only to people from England for now, but devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are expected to accept it too.

Those travelling to countries on the green list will have to take two COVID-19 tests, one before arrival back into the UK and one within two days of returning.


Trade bodies for pilots and airlines, airports and holiday groups said Britain was being excessively cautious and such a limited reopening would continue to drag on an industry that had taken great strides to manage safe travel.

Experts have also said prices could shoot up for bookings to the few places on the green list. Shapps said airports could also see longer delays as COVID-19 test results must be checked.

Many destination countries also have their own requirements, with many still effectively closed.

"This excess of caution from the government is extremely disappointing for everyone who works in the travel sector," Brian Strutton of the British Airline Pilots Association said.

The travel industry had argued that Britain's rapid vaccination programme should enable it to open up more quickly. But the government has prioritised efforts to prevent coronavirus variants from entering the country.

Heathrow Airport, the country's biggest, and British Airways (ICAG.L) both urged the government to add more countries to the green list when it next reviews travel in early June, and to let those who have been fully vaccinated travel without restrictions.

"The government should help people plan ahead by publishing a list of countries expected to be on the green list for the summer holidays so that passengers are not faced with high prices for last-minute bookings," Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye said.

Before the announcement, the head of British Airways-owner IAG had also called on the UK and the United States to open a travel corridor, given their high vaccination rates.

Egypt to conduct rapid tests for arrivals from countries with coronavirus variants

Egypt will conduct a rapid coronavirus test for visitors from countries where coronavirus variants emerged upon their arrival in the country, the health ministry said.
Health Minister Hala Zayed in a video conference on Friday said the rapid molecular test, known as ID NOW, only takes 15 minutes to detect coronavirus infection.

Egyptians and non-Egyptians coming from the countries with coronavirus variants are required to undergo the test, and they will also be subject to medical examination, Zayed pointed out.

A PCR test results are also required, which the visitors have to submit before entering the country, she added.

However, the minister did not specify the countries the decision applies to.

The move comes as many countries are currently facing a new variant of coronavirus, which was first detected in India and is scientifically thought to be more transmissible.

India has been recently hit by one of the worst coronavirus outbreaks.

Mohamed Abdel-Fattah, Egypt’s deputy health minister for preventive medicine, earlier this month said the Indian variant, dubbed B.1.617, extended to 17 countries, including Iraq and Jordan.

Africa’s Kenya, Uganda and South Africa all detected this strain coming from India.

Zayed during the video conference said Egypt has not recorded new coronavirus variants thanks to the preventive measures it has taken at its entry ports immediately after the warnings by the World Health Organization.

She noted that a total of more than 5.4 million visitors coming from abroad have been examined at various Egyptian ports since the start of the pandemic.

The country is currently suffering from a third coronavirus wave and the new daily infection toll has topped 1,000 every day since 27 April for the first time since 9 January.

Egypt has so far vaccinated around 1 million citizens, according to official statements.

A surge in coronavirus cases over the past month has forced the government to take tougher precautionary measures, especially ahead and during the feast of Eid Al-Fitr, which is expected to start on Thursday.

The new measures, taking place from 6 to 21 May, include the closure at 9 pm of shops, malls, coffee shops, restaurants, and movie theatres. However, restaurants will be allowed to make home deliveries past 9pm.

Reviewed, Corporate Outing Near Delhi NCR at Camp WildHawk

The tranquility and serene environment of Camp WildHawk will take you back in time and allow you to experience the simplicity and peaceful e...